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Nottingham Works – Helping Young People into Employment and Training

Over the past year, Nottingham Works has helped hundreds of young people into work or training places. The programme, that is funded in partnership between Nottingham City Council and the European Union, provides mentoring for 18-29 year olds who are unemployed, Traineeships for 16-24 year olds and general careers support and guidance. The scheme also offers financial support to employers who create jobs for young people.

Nottingham Labour made a manifesto commitment in 2015 to guarantee a job, training place or further education place for every 18-24 year old in the city; that is why Nottingham City Council and Labour Councillors secured the £6.9 million in EU funding to make this project possible.

The scheme is designed to help young people, who are at risk of social exclusion, into work. Last year alone the scheme supported;

  • 550 people into the Intensive Careers Support programme


  • 124 people into Traineeship’s


  • 50 people into Nottingham North Traineeship’s


  • 199 people into the Step into Work programme


  • 30 employers through the Nottingham Jobs Fund Plus

In addition to supporting projects such as Nottingham Works, Nottingham Labour has helped to ensure that all entry level jobs and training places at Nottingham City Council are only available for city residents.

If you would like more information or to see what support is available to you, please visit the Nottingham Jobs or Nottingham City Council website.

Councillor Sam Webster, Portfolio Holder for Education, Employment and Skills.

Private Tenants to Have Their Say on Licensing Scheme


High quality housing is a priority for Nottingham Labour, that’s why we have pledged to build 2500 new homes that Nottingham residents can afford to rent or buy. We also want to improve the standard of existing homes, that’s why we are planning to introduce selective licensing.

Consultation is currently taking place on a selective licencing scheme that Nottingham Labour Councillors hope will improve the quality of private rented housing in the City.  The scheme was proposed in reaction to 1000’s of complaints regarding poor quality and dangerous private rented housing.

Issues reported to Councillors have included pests such as cockroaches and rats, dangerous wiring, unhelpful or unresponsive landlords and a lack of safe escapes or smoke alarms.

We want to hear from people who live in private rented accommodation so we can get a clear idea of what conditions are like and then we can try and make improvements. The scheme will provide more help and protection to people who rent privately and experiencing problems that their landlord is not dealing with. Council staff will be on hand to ensure that privately rented houses are of a high standard and that all residents are living in safe conditions.

The cost to landlords is £460 over 5 years – which works out to just £1.80 per week if they sign up to a free accreditation service. This cost should not be shifted onto residents and we believe it is more than reasonable for landlords to cover this cost over 5 years to provide extra support.

The aim of this scheme is to ensure that all residents are living in safe, high quality housing and that all landlords reach the high standards set by many who already operate in Nottingham. It will also provide extra support and peace of mind to all residents who rent privately.

Landlords, tenants, letting agents, businesses and residents in the City and the surrounding area are invited to have their say on the proposed scheme by completing the online questionnaire at

Alternatively, you can contact the Council for a printed version of the questionnaire by emailing or calling 0115 876 2312. For more information, visit The consultation runs until 31 March 2017.

Councillor Jane Urquhart, Portfolio Holder for Planning and Housing

Aspley Parents to Have Their Say on £22 Million Government Cut to Nottingham’s Schools


Parents and carers of Nottingham school children are being asked to have their say on the Government’s proposal to slash funding for almost all Nottingham schools. The Conservative Government’s proposed method of funding directly targets schools in Nottingham for big budget cuts.

While our schools in Nottingham are set to lose over £22 million by 2019/20 in real terms, schools in some of the wealthiest areas of England are set to gain. Nottingham City Council is writing to parents to encourage them to take part in the Government’s consultation.

By favouring London and the South-East, the government have demonstrated yet again that they don’t act in the interests of our children, our schools or our City.  This latest move simply takes money from children in Nottingham, only to hand it to children in wealthy, rural areas of Britain. Other large cities and urban areas with the highest levels of child poverty such as Birmingham and Manchester are also facing these cuts.

Back in December the then Chief Inspector of schools Sir Michael Wilshaw warned the Government that they must do more to tackle the growing gap in education outcomes for children in wealthy areas and lower outcomes for children in poorer parts of the midlands and the north of England. These proposed cuts show that, yet again, the Government is ignoring the advice and the evidence of education experts including the former Chief Inspector of schools.

The National Audit Office has said that the scale of the cuts mean that schools in England will have to reduce spending by £3 billion between now and 2019/20. 98% of Nottingham schools will receive lower funding under the new Tory school funding structure  (87 out of 89 schools).

In Aspley, schools are set to lose over £600,000– an average of over £530 per pupil.

It’s important that parents and carers of Nottingham’s school children have their say on the Government’s proposed funding cuts. You can do so by visiting the Nottingham City Council ‘have your say’ web page here: 

Nottingham Labour will be fighting hard to stop the Government’s plan becoming reality, but we need your support. So give your views to the council or email us

Cllr Sam Webster, Portfolio Holder for Education, Employment and Skills at Nottingham City Council