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World Class Archery comes to Nottingham and it’s not just Robin Hood

Thanks to the legend of Robin Hood, Nottingham has long been associated with archery and now the City is welcoming over 400 world class archers from across 44 countries.

Athletes from Germany, Great Britain, Israel, Lichtenstein, Russia and the Ukraine are among those taking part as archers hope to increase their chances of qualifying for the Rio Olympics later this year.

The finals will be hosted in the Old Market Square, which will be showcased to the world with a 1,200 seater archery arena and adds another bow to Nottingham as England’s official Home of Sport.

Spectator tickets for the event are selling fast, but some are still available from Nottingham Tourism Centre, or online at and you can watch free at Highfields Sports Ground on University Boulevard till Friday.

Councillor Dave Trimble is the Portfolio holder for Leisure and Culture at Nottingham City Council

A Government prepared to play politics with your future is not worthy of trust

You may have noticed but there’s a referendum about to happen.

Whether you think the UK should remain or exit the European Union, what cannot be denied is that the vote is of massive importance and the Government should be doing all it can to encourage people to vote.

That’s why at first glance the extra money some Local Authorities have received to increase voter registration seems to be nothing but positive. But upon closer inspection it reveals that the Government only gave money to Councils the very moment the local elections were over. It could have been done earlier to ensure that people had the vote to use in the referendum. However they didn’t do it earlier because Cameron was worried about the effect on the Police Crime Commissioner and local Government elections, that it would encourage people on the register who were unlikely to vote Conservative.

It’s become something of a pattern for David Cameron and his Government.

It is hard to surmise that it’s anything but the Government being prepared to put party politics above the interests of the nation.

It starts to look as though Cameron has been willing to put into jeopardy the EU just to save his shin in the local and Police Crime Commissioner elections.

Councillor Graham Chapman is the Deputy Leader of Nottingham City Council

Tackling health inequalities in Nottingham

Health inequality and increasing life expectancy is still one of the most important commitments that a Local Authority has and it’s something Nottingham Labour are determined to make a difference in across all of Nottingham.

It cannot be denied that health is a matter not just for the individual but for Councils and the State as a whole. Poor health leads to increased costs for Authorities, poorer production for a City and a higher welfare bill but this can be mitigated against by having a pro-active, long term vision and strategy to combat any health inequalities. That’s exactly what Nottingham Labour are doing.

You will soon be able to have your on Nottingham City Councils new health and wellbeing strategy. A comprehensive strategy that can help tackle the root causes of this often under looked area of inequality, but an area that makes a drastic difference in the daily lives of people.

It cannot be right that where you are born determines your chances of healthy life or the age at which you are likely to die. Of course it would be impossible to make it  the case that people won’t fall ill or need the help of our great NHS but the likelihood shouldn’t be based on the luck of where you are born and raised.

It was established long ago in this country that access to healthcare was a basic right, free at the point of need. It’s time we grew up as a country and didn’t just limit this to NHS access but a pro-active approach of equality and basic right as well. I’m proud that Nottingham Labour are helping lead that charge.

Councillor Alex Norris is the portfolio holder for Adults and Health at Nottingham City Council.